Reclaim Your Life: Rediscover Your Identity After The Loss of Your Spouse

No one ever wants to be a widow.

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. One day, your status gets transformed from wife and lover…to widow. In an instant, you’ve lost your love, your vision of the future, and your own identity.

If you too identify as a widow, then you know things will never go back to what they were. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Your old life has died, but your love will be with you forever. I can help you find your inner beacon to find your new identity with confidence for the future.


If you're ready to step into your new life, you're in the right place.

“Life will go on.”
“You’ll get over your grief.”
Have you heard these platitudes during your grief process?
Well, as a seasoned widow I can tell you that they’re bunk.
You will never stop grieving.
As hard as you loved, you will grieve.
That’s okay.
Your grief is a testament of the love you had, but lost.
Nothing will ever take that away.

Discover your inner beacon.

You’ve lost your way, but I can help you find it again. Not by showing it to you. By mentoring you to discover your inner beacon that will guide you to your next steps into your new life.
I can help you rediscover your identity, and teach you how to redefine your priorities and ambitions. After working with me, you’ll know how to live on your own, with the memories of your love supporting you.

How I can help...


Other coaches try to “fix” your grief, promise an end to it.
That’s complete BS. You will never stop grieving. But it does get better.
Learn how to work WITH your grief, growing into a better person with a better life.
You’re old life is over, but your love will be with you forever. Find your inner beacon to find your new identity with confidence for the future.
Go from being stuck in your grief, to becoming alive and purposeful.


Hi, I'm Sarah.
The Grief Coach Who Gets You.

That’s me – the widowed, only parent of two. I didn’t initially intend on going it alone, but here I am. There’s been a lot frustration, and sorrow, and a lot of love too. My goal is to help widowed, solo parents find their inner beacon towards their inspired life again. I offer help through my blog posts, one-on-one grief coaching, and upcoming online courses.



The Six Tasks of Grief

Your head and your heart are two split personalities right now. Until they are reunited, you too will feel split.

Download the tasks that your heart and mind have to go through to feel comfortable in your own self again.


7 Clear Signs From The Afterlife

Once your spouse has died, all of the little things that they used to do are lost to the ether. Have you spent hours searching for a sign from your lost love? Don’t you wish you could speak to them again? Feel their presence again? You can, if you know what to watch for. If you knew how to read the signs from the afterlife.


Widowed, Solo Parenting - You're Not Alone

There is so much stuff to handle once a loved one dies.
First, there’s the administrative BS. Then there’s your finances.
Then, there’s the waves of grief that overwhelm you again and again.
Plus, you have to manage your children’s grief, which is not what you signed up for.
Heck – you didn’t sign up for ANY of this.
Our Facebook Group is a safe, supportive group to help widowed parents figure out how to survive life after a death.
Spoiler: you’re going to thrive.
You’re Not Alone


After Death Checklist

I wish I had this when my husband unexpectedly died – it would have saved me hours and hours of research.

This clear, concise list of action items will be a great resource to have on hand while you try to deal with the administrative duties through the turmoil of fresh grief.

Take this as my gift to you.

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Reclaim Your Life After The Death of Your Spouse

Taking widows from being stuck in grief to finding a purposeful life again in three months.

“Sarah, you really helped me more than I can ever put into words. When I was in the thick of the hardest and most difficult time, you talked to me, heard me, and helped me so much.”


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If you’re motivated to:

  • find your inner beacon that will help you discover your new life goals
  • become confident in your new identity
  • know how to live on your own, with the memories of your love supporting you


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