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Helping Widowed, Solo Parents Find Their Inspired Life Again

I Wasn't Intending On Being A Widowed Solo Parent

That’s me – the only parent of two. I didn’t initially intend on going it alone, but here I am. There’s been a lot frustration, and sorrow, and a lot of love too. My goal is to help widowed, solo parents find their inspired life again. I offer help through my blog posts, one-on-one grief coaching, and upcoming online courses.

widow solo parent of two

Work With Me

I've been there. As a widowed, solo parent to two kids I'm still processing my grief and enjoying every moment of life. My work is all about compassion and finding the best path to continue being the best parent you can be, while acknowledging your grief and harmonizing your own needs – in the limited time you have. I'm here to help you find yourself again in your turmoil. I believe that you can rise up like a phoenix and learn how to live an inspired life again. I believe that you can help your children through their own paths too. You're Not Alone.

An Unwanted Membership to the Widow's Club

No one ever wants to be a widow, but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. One day your status gets transformed from wife and lover, to widow – your identity changes on the spot. It’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

If you too identify as a widow, then I want to tell you that things will never go back to what they were, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulfilling, meaningful life.  Through my educational blogs, and one-on-one coaching packages, I can help you find your inspired life again. There will be tears and heartache, but also unexpected joy.

There is a long path to navigate until you truly feel that you have both feet on solid ground again, and I want to help you find your way.

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    solo parent of two

    Life With The Danger Squad

    When my son was 2 1/2 years old, his father died. It wasn’t expected. It was unbelievably devastating. He was my soulmate. We still had so many unfinished plans, including our intention to have another child. We were planning on calling our kids “The Danger Squad”. Tristan, as the eldest, was to be named after the best romantic knight ever. Alexander/ra was to be named after the ancient conqueror. Both kids were to have the same middle name of Danger. Now, with my husband gone, this dream seemed dead too.

    I Know How Hard It Is

    Listen, I get it. There are some things that no one understands what it’s like until they’ve gone through it themselves. Becoming a widow is unlike anything else in the world. Being the only parent to children is really hard.

    I’m both a widow and a solo mom, so I get it.

    I know how lonely it can be at nights when the kids are asleep and it’s only you and your thoughts. I know how awkward it can be when peers ask where the father is. I know how straining it can be to ensure all of your kids get your undivided attention. How challenging it can be to be the only parent running around ensuring the kids get to school, to their respective activities, and to get them fed and to bed on time.

    All the things to juggle every day, with no chance to take time for you!

    I can teach you how to turn loss into strength as a single parent.

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